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Web Interface to Linux Peripherals
Version franšaise


This little CGI script is made of two parts:

  • hinv: list peripherals matching a pattern (can be redefined)
  • MachineIngo.cgi: displays results from hinv as a web page


Apache 1.3 and newer, older versions are not to be used due to security issue .

Perl 5.002 at least ( I have not tested it with older versions )


1. You must allow "Option ExecCGI" within the file access.conf for the directory containing the script !

2. Also add "AddHandler cgi-script .cgi" within the file srm.conf

3. Put qithin the script header the location of the perl interpreter for your site.

4. hinv and MachineInfo.cgi must be in the same directory (or change it ! ;-)

5. hinv and MachineInfo.cgi must be httpd user executable !


You can download the tar.gz file MachineInfo.tgz (28k)


If you have any comments, or further improvements, I would be glad to hear it !

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